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Experienced Painters And Decorators In Banstead

Considering a stylish update for your home decor? Or perhaps your home needs a fresh coat of paint, just in time for a special occasion? Rely on our knowledgeable and experienced painters and decorators serving Banstead and surrounding areas within a 100-mile radius. At EMH Decorators, we carry out paintwork on most surfaces, from walls and ceilings to doors, windows, and floors.

We are dedicated to providing personalised, high-quality painting, interior and exterior decorating, and plastering services for residential properties. With a methodological and detailed process, we ensure every detail is planned and completed to our constantly high standards. You can also contact us to discuss your industrial painting projects. Call our painting contractors for expert advice today.

Our Painting And Decorating Services

Clean, high-quality services that add character and value to your home.


Indoor And Outdoor Paintwork

We offer a full range of indoor and outdoor paintwork, delivering a smooth, even, and quality finish for walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and floors. We clean, sand, fill cracks, and apply two to three coats of paint, letting each layer dry completely before the next. If you desire a unique, more creative look, we also do decorating paint effects and pebble dashing and offer colour consultations.


Traditional Decorating Services

We specialise in traditional decorating finish techniques and can incorporate period-specific decor elements to enhance authenticity. Our period home expertise attends to all aspects of interior and exterior decoration, including welcoming entrances, redecorating one or more areas, exterior and interior painting, and colour schemes carefully curated to enhance your home’s timeless appeal.

Close-up of high-end wallpaper in a room

High-End Paperhanging

We work with a rich selection of wallpapers and paints for your walls. Our team is skilled in installing different types of wall coverings, from the timeless elegance of paper to the durability of vinyl and the textured luxury of fabric. Trust us to bring a perfect blend of colours, textures, and creativity to enhance your living space with our wallpapering services.


Restoration Work

Our mission is to restore the strength and beauty of homes by delivering paint stripping and decorative restoration services. From repairing decorative features like trims, covings, and cornices to stripping old paint layers and colour matching to maintain the original aesthetics, we can do it all. We also offer damaged plaster repair, wall rendering, skimming, artex removal, and powder coating services.

Call Our Painters And Decorators On 07732 130514 For Internal And External Paintwork In Banstead

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